So, Just By Using Our Website, You Must Admit That We Make The Rules 🙂 Here they Are: 

1- We Are A Company Of Different People From Different Backgrounds. Please Be Respectful To all Kinds Of Human Beings, Because You Will Never Know Which One Of Them Is Doing Your Work From the Bottom Of Their Heart!

2- We Keep The Right To Change Our Offers Without Notice. The Offers And Products We Have displayed Are Good For As Long As They Are Displayed.

3- We Keep the Right To Refuse Or Postpone Service If Our Team Is Fully Booked. If We Respond By “Sorry, We Can’t Offer You Service Right Now”, don’t Take It Personal, We Love Everyone! But There Is Only So Much We Can Do. We Will Serve You Later If You Can Wait 🙂

4- Our Written Offers Are Binding For A Month After We Present Them, Unless You Sign Them As Well And Make Your Payment, Then they Become Contracts.